Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, it has almost been a decade since My Love and I met....and I had quite the fashion sense at that time. We were recently reminiscing over some old pictures, and we came up with a label for my style back then:

Trashy Redneck

Yep, that was me. I owned a pair of overalls. And I wore them out and about - not just at the barn! Seriously. Iamsoashamed.
Clearly, that is the redneck part of my style....I'm not going into the trashy part. But, if my girls ever contemplate wearing a skirt that looks like an oversized belt - I may just lock them in a dungeon.

Since February of 2005, I've been sporting maternity, post-partum, and enough different sizes to open a small store.

Overall, I think I am a basic chick. Give me some comfy blue jeans, a soft shirt, a strong ponytail holder, and I'm good.

But, there is this place called Pinterest.
And it has totally messed me up.

First let me explain about pinterest....I fought tooth and nail about joining that time-sucker. I was gonna hold out and be the LAST person to join!
But then I realized I needed to buy clothes for myself that weren't maternity. 
And I had no idea what my style is now.  (I really didn't want to be Trashy-Redneck-Dance-Mom)
Thankfully, online shopping is not a temptation for me - I like to touch my clothes before I buy them - so pinterest is the perfect place for me to discover my style! I just hunt through their Women's fashion category and pin whatever I like...and you know what? I found a couple common themes!
I figured out My Style. Woohoo!
Potentially more on that in another post....if this doesn't turn out to be one of the dumbest things I've ever posted.

Side note - Pinterest is a completely selfish place for me. 
I don't look for kids stuff or recipes or cool crafts to make. 
I have pinned some....but that is because they have been mislabeled and placed in the "women's fashion," or "home decor" categories.  :)

I thought a couple posts about how I've been styling stuff would be fun.  Since I don't have a massive wardrobe - everything I own (winter/summer, tops, bottoms, dresses, pajamas, pants, skirts, workout clothes) everything, equals barely 3 loads of laundry. (Not including Jackets and accessories) Which is fine, because then I get to be creative!

I have 3 rules I follow about clothes -
1. Pajamas are not allowed in public. Ever. I try to not wear work-out clothes in public....but that doesn't always happen.  I get "dressed" every day....well, every day that I want to accomplish anything! Even if it is a work-out-clean-the-house kind of day - pajamas are switched out for work-out clothes. :)

2. I have to be able to move and be comfortable in them. If I can't get on the floor to change a diaper, or quick sprint to grab an errant Bean, or if I have to waste time constantly adjusting something....I don't buy it.

3. I have to like an item 100% for it to enter my  home. I would rather have 3 shirts I absolutely love (which is all I had for a long time), than 10 shirts I'm just "okay" with.  I'm really picky, and I don't have a limitless budget, so I don't have overflowing dresser drawers.

I don't really know how these fashion posts are supposed to work....but here's the run down:
Yes, half of the pictures were taken in the church bathroom. I took advantage of a child needing to poop. I'm a mother of four - I got dressed today - and brushed my teeth. 
You should stop judging my photo-op location.  
(I did not brush my hair....I went hard-core wild woman today.)  

Head band? Wrap? Whatever. The blue thing on my head - from a mall kiosk.
Jacket - L.L.Bean after Christmas clearance sale last year
Scarf - Gift last year
Shirt - Old Navy clearance. It had a hole in the side seam - I sewed it up in 5 minutes - so it was $5
Belt - Hand-me-down from 5 years ago from a super-stylish friend. (It is so exciting to finally be able to wear it!)
Jeans - Levi's clearance
Shoes - Plato's closet (Bluefish Malibu brand)
Watch - gift from hubby a year ago. :)

~Whitney Copyright 2013


  1. Adorable Whitney. Nice post. Cutest bathroom pics I have seen on the web :)

  2. Hey, Whitney; If I looked as good as you without brushing my hair, I would Ne.ver.brush! However, I am thankful for who and what I am, and you are the same. Love these pictures, and I think you're very brave to post them. This outfit is "the bomb", if that's appropriate "young" praise. I enjoy your posts, and pray for you often. Love, Jane McKay

    1. thank you!! HAHAHA! I need those prayers - keep 'em coming.

  3. You are so fit, Whitney! also I like your 100% rule.

  4. I like your style. Wish I could pull off a scarf. I think my boobs are too big? I dunno. I always look doofy in a scarf and wish I didn't.

    1. you make me laugh!!! I always look doofy in the eternity scarves....but I bet it would look on you!

  5. I like defining a style though, it's fun! I used to have one. Now I have a different one called "hand-me-downs". Don't have to 100% love it when it's free, imo;-) Someday when I have the budget, I will have a clothing overhaul and redefine my personal style.

    1. true, true - you don't have to love it 100% when it is free....but I still like to keep my wardrobe primarily full of items I "love" i typically only hold on to hand-me-downs that I LOVE. (Except for when I was changing a million sizes...then I held on to everything that kept me from being naked!)
      I also realized I will never be able to purchase an entire wardrobe at one time - so now that I've defined "my style" I know what pieces will work and am always hunting for those when I found a bunch of silver bangles and a silver cuff at a thrift store for $3! I knew it was "me" and I'd never find it cheaper. Even on a handed down budget - it is still very possible to be you. Especially if you put it together in YOUR way or pull some refashion magic on it. :)

  6. W, I like the blue on you. Great fit on the jeans... 4 kids later :)
    Anytime you can get cheaper is my idea of good stewardship.
    My friend goes to World Thrift most Wednesdays when everything is at least. 20% cheaper. Of course she is tall and lean. Not as easy for my old lady spread. But knowing what you like is half the battle. Nice post. A. Sara

    1. thank you! It has been a LOT of work!!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!