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2013 Adventure List

Recently, I posted our 2012 Adventure List.
I thought it would be fun to write what my 3 girl beans came up with for 2013...not that anyone really cares, but these kids dream BIG so I needed to mark it down.

Again, I sat the Beans down (String Bean, Jumping Bean, AND Bitty Bean this time) and asked:

What adventures would you like to have this year?

Again, I told them we would try our hardest to make it happen - but we don't have unlimited funds, time, and energy - so there will probably be some left undone.

Thankfully, they were okay with that. :)

Here is the list:

1. Zoo
This is a rollover from 2012. Courtesy of one set of AWESOME grandparents, we now have a zoo membership for the year! We haven't gone yet - but we will. A lot. And it will be super fun.

2. Jamestown/Pocahontas
String Bean has been learning all about Native Americans in school, and Jumping Bean is obsessed with Pocahontas. What they actually asked for was "a day learning about/living like Pocahontas." When I told them about Jamestown, all 3 were so excited they almost fell out of their chairs. Thankfully, it is not a far drive and I totally love that stuff.

3. Pirate Adventure
This will be happening courtesy of the Blackbeard Festival May 31 - June 2. Pretty sure that I will be making all of us eye patches (at least) to sport at the festival. (Perhaps some bloomy pants will also be in order!)

4. Busch Gardens
Again - courtesy of Here's to the heroes - I will get to take all of us to Busch Gardens one day this season, for the price of one ticket. Such an amazing gift they give to the military!

5. Smithsonian
Technically, they didn't ask for the "Smithsonian." What they did ask for (seriously) was to "go to a museum and see dinosaur bones and airplanes." When I explained what the Smithsonian is, they were super excited.  I'm excited too - I LOVE museums! :)

6. Disney World
Despite our best efforts, these children know about Disney World. When they mentioned it, String Bean said, "I know we probably won't go  - but it sure would be nice." Jumping Bean is less passive-aggressive and just declared, "It would be AWESOME to go! I know you can make it happen Mama!" We have a decent chance of making it happen this year....courtesy of My Love's cousin who works at Disney....but I made zero promises.

7. Disney On Ice
Due to having another set of AWESOME grandparents - the girls (and I!) were able to experience Disney on Ice over Thanksgiving. They are dying to go again. Did I mention that we hit the jackpot in the Grandparent lottery??? I mean, seriously - both sets are totally amazing.

8. Fly on an airplane
They said it, and then followed it with, "I don't care where we go - but I just want to travel!"  These kids are fantastic. I love that they came with the travel bug. Both My Love and I thoroughly enjoy traveling - so it is a bonus the beans like to as well! They know it is expensive. They know it probably won't happen. But I love that they even want to! (At the moment, all members of the family have flown in an airplane except Bitty Bean.)

9. Ride in a train
Again, these kids love traveling. And the girls thought they should put something down that Boy Bean would LOVE. I mean, I think we would all be super excited about riding on a train, now I just have to figure out where and when!

10. Hiking
We love hiking and exploring. The beans (and My Love) all watched a National Geographic special about Hiking the Appalachian Trail - and now they want to start training. No lie. I think that might have to be some good father/children bonding time if they want to hike on the trail for more than 2 nights. Maybe I could gut it out for 3..... ;)

11. Sew or make all Christmas Presents
Totally do-able...especially since I start planning out Christmas stuff in May. (Psychotic, I know) But it is so much more relaxing to work on stuff in the summer when I am not harried. I always have a couple things I have to do in the Holiday season....but I try to get whatever is possible in the summertime. And I LOVE that they think that would be cool. (That means the gifts I made this year were not completely horrid!)

12. Go to Sea World
This is another Mama suggestion....they all want to swim with dolphins, see a whale up close, and watch a seal show. I thought Sea World would make that all possible. Again, I told them it is super expensive and far we'll see. But I love that they want to explore all these cool things!

13. Ride a horse
I have to figure out how/where/when I can make this happen - but I will make it happen! I am so excited they are interested in horses. Brings me back to my roots. I loved horses when I was their age....and on through high school and college. Still love them. But Navy Housing frowns on having horses in your yard. (And I am not prepared to re-instate that much upkeep in my life!) If any of you have any ideas on how to make it happen - let me know!

So, there is our list for 2013.
My plan of attack is sit down in the next couple weeks and map out a bit of a plan for the year. We were already planning on celebrating every month-er-versary of the separation with a special night/day/experience. I think quite a few of these will fit the bill. :)

What would be YOUR adventure wish-list for 2013??

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  1. the Ritchies have horses, and so does Triple R Ranch! - that's were we've ridden horses while here in VA


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