Friday, December 28, 2012

To My Little Dude....


I love you.
I love your fire for life.
I love your stubbornness.
I love your bright eyes.
I love your sloppy kisses.
I love your dimple in your right cheek.

I love your sticky fingers.
I love your hearty belly laugh.

I love how completely masculine you are.
How you automatically jump to the rescue of your sisters and your mama.
I love watching your Daddy play with you.
I love you.
All of you. 
From your sleep-walking-into-doors, random roaring,  ready smile, and death stare - I love it all.

When you decided to make your entrance 2 years ago - I didn't know how utterly different things would be with a boy. Seeing the differences has deepened my love for all 4 of you children.

Your birth was not what I had envisioned - but it was perfectly you.  Funny, spontaneous, calm, crazy.

I don't know where these last 2 years have gone, but I'm pretty sure I spent at least 50% either changing diapers, feeding, or parenting. :)  I'll admit, I'm nervous about the upcoming year with Daddy gone. You are so much of him, parenting without him is going to be extra hard.

I can't believe you insist on growing up! I wore you in a sling or a back pack constantly...hoping it would delay your walking. (Not really!) But on this day last year - you took your first step. At your Great-Grandpa's funeral. It seemed so fitting that as one passed away, a little one took literal steps toward independence.

Your vocabulary is/was very limited...primarily filled with grunts and pointing....since you have 3 sisters talking for you. But the flood gates opened in October when you learned a key word (you already said "mama," "dada," "No," and "NOOOOOOOOOO!")  POOP. That is right. Poop. Somehow, being able to say that word opened the door for all sorts of other words. Now, you rarely say them in public...but I'll take whatever I can get.

All in all, my sweet baby boy, this mama loves you.
Your mischievous grin, blond hair, he-man walk, monkey dance, and eye-popping anger (that will most likely need meds or therapy) - I love it all. 

Some days you will not be very happy with me - with the rules, with the responsibilities, when I tell you no. And that is okay.

But know that no matter what you feel about me - my love for you will never change. 
I will always love you.  
And potentially embarrass you. 
But definitely love you. 


~Whitney Copyright 2012

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