Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cocoa Bean Moment

I've had the gift of two special moments with my String Bean this past week...and I have to share!

In one 24 hour period last week, the man-child was possessed by the devil. He would not nap - he woke up hyperactive at midnight - didn't go back to sleep till 3 - and then was ready to kick the day in the teeth at 5 am.

I was tired. 

Add in that he and Bitty Bean had temporary onset of being deaf to my voice.
And Jumping Bean was on obedience strike. 
And Bitty Bean cried/wailed/screamed for the majority of that time. 

I was bone tired.
I was exhausted physically and mentally.
(Remember - My Love is still 3 weeks from returning home)

Wednesday night, String Bean slept with me - we went to bed at the same time and talked and snuggled. It was a special time just being together. She knew I was tired and that the other 3 children had depleted every resource I had.

So, in the morning, when Boy Bean woke up - String Bean heard him before me.  She got up and quietly led him downstairs. She put a tv show on for him...and the other sisters as they joined him on the couch. She got herself ready for school. She made her breakfast. She made her bed and picked up her clothes. She stayed completely on schedule.

I woke up at 7:30 and catapulted out of bed - we have to be at the bus stop by 7:55!  When I came downstairs and saw that my sweet girl had taken care of everything - I was flabbergasted.

That girl is totally awesome.

I pulled her aside and told her very clearly, "You are now my favorite child of all time."

She said, "I know."

"We're all your favorites!"

Then, last night, after picking chunky puke out of the carpet - it sprayed an area the size of Rhode Island; mopping the throw-up off the bathroom floor; wiping the spray off the bathroom door; and stripping 2 beds...she climbed in bed with me again.

As she lay there with a cold compress on her head, holding my hand, she said, "Mommy, I'm so glad you can take care of me."

"Me too." I replied. "What a gift it is that I get to be with you and take care of you."

"Mommy, what do the little children do who don't have a Mommy and Daddy to love them and care for them? Who helps them when they get sick? Are they all alone?"  And she started crying at such an awful thought.

I joined right in with her.

I talked with her about our friends who are foster parents and adoptive parents. How God sets the lonely in families. How sometimes the children stay alone - even when they are sick. Or how some children may be with their mommy and daddy - but aren't safe and loved and cared for.

That is when she said,
"Why did God pick me to have it so good? I don't think I thank Him enough."

So, last night, God used my 7 year old munchkin to challenge me. To change my perspective. To say again,

Why did God pick me to have it so good? 
I don't think I thank Him enough.

And that, is a sweet moment indeed.


 Copyright 2012


  1. With tears running down my cheeks, all I can say is AMEN!!!! Love you all so much, Aunt Rosemary

  2. :) Makes me cry. That's a sweet little one you have <3

  3. I love all your little stories. Always enjoy reading them, but this one really tops it. How sweet!! Moments likes this makes it all worth while, sleeples nights, poop etc....

  4. What a wonderful daughter you have! God bless Canaan!

  5. well now I'm bawling. what a precious heart she has. I want to squeeze her.

  6. Truly beautiful. Wise young girl you are raising. :)

  7. Thanks for the tears! This challenged me enough this morning to count as my devotional! You guys are doing a great job with these kids. Love you Whitney!


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