Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's growing Wednesday....

Since (as I always say), Hampton Roads is like living in a woman; the weather has been extremely indecisive lately.

My little sprouts are still hibernating in my laundry room most of the time.

Which is probably good, because between the weather and the curious 15 month old, I don't think they would have survived. While they haven't grown much - at least they haven't totally died.

The other little beans in the house, however, have been growing quite a lot.

String Bean is growing like a weed.

We had to go shopping this week just to keep her from being naked.

Here are her new church shoes - she was extremely excited about them.

She is also growing in other ways....she now understands sarcasm. OR, as she calls it "a joke that isn't funny."

She's a smart one.

Jumping Bean is also growing like crazy.

Her sense of humor is developing.
Because of her flair for funny, we call her "The Queen of Non-Sequitor."

Case in point - "Mommy, why did the bird cross the road?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because it wanted to die."

She's all about some dark humor.

Bitty Bean. Well, you know how she's been. (See yesterday's post)

 Her sense of humor's a snippet:

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Dog who?"
"Dog climbed up a tree to poop all over the place. MOMMY! LAUGH! That is funny!"

Her sense of potty humor is as inappropriate as it is funny.

Boy Bean is getting taller..ish.

He sees no point in speaking.

But give him a ball and he's good for hours.  We are unsure of his sense of humor...but he may tend toward the physical. Recently, he's taken to tackling his sisters and then laughing maniacally.

There you go! That's what is growing this Wednesday.


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