Monday, April 30, 2012

Honeytrip 2012 part 2

So, while we didn't have any craziness happen on our honey trip (a la the last time we flew); I was reminded of My Love's job.

My Love is a Naval Aviator.

While the flying part of his job means he gets to wear green pajamas into work most days (and his schedule is written in jell-o) that is NOT the part of his job that got me laughing this past weekend.


It was his ground job (the job he does when he's not flying). He is currently the ASO (Aviation Safety Officer) for his squadron.  Which is GREAT.

It is a job chock-full of the most technically-brain-melting-writing I have ever heard of. In fact, after learning more about his job, I became extremely thankful for getting to change poop. 

This all has a point. I promise.

Our flight out of Hampton Roads was on a Delta carrier.
We were seated in the exit row over the wings.
(Which I don't think I have ever gotten to sit in before....I've always been pregnant!)
He had the window seat and started looking out the window while we were waiting for the other passengers to shove and finagle their items into the overhead bins.

That is when he noticed corrosion. Or bolts. Or aviation stuff. 

And started explaining to me how the wing can snap *like this* with just a small amount of corrosion in the right spot.


Thankfully, I am not scared-to-death of flying....however - having spots that could indicate a wing ripping off when we are at altitude pointed out to me - was not exactly a calming conversation.

Then on a flight home - I realized, in a very uncomfortable way - I now get a little airsick. Thankfully, I never actually threw up....but it was extremely close.

I was losing color, and losing clothing (The aviator said if I stayed cool it would help keep the nausea at bay), and trying anything to calm my stomach.

My Love was losing his composure, and trying desperately not to laugh at my expense. (Actually, he was very understanding and helpful in the was the after that had him cracking up.)

I decided the next time we fly - I'm taking the window seat! 

Thankfully, my stomach settled down and we were able to fully enjoy our welcome home party from the Beans.

Complete with balloons, brownies,  and a sign. :)

Home - what a wonderful place to be.


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