Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is NOT a "what's growing Wednesday" post.

Aren't you bummed?

I can't focus on how things are growing right now because I am too excited!

I am NOT pregnant.
(Just wanted to make that crystal clear, since a bit of a rumor had been going around that I was. 
It was not a big deal...but it was completely incorrect!)

I'm jumping out of my skin - counting the hours - grinning like a fool - all because of a trip.

With My Love.


For 5 days!!

We have some serious time apart staring us in the face for the next year (or so), and we are taking some time to invest in our marriage. Woohoo!

This trip has been my motivator to lose my last bit of baby weight (3 more pounds to go!).

This trip has been the very tasty carrot at the end of the crazy-two-year-old-meltdowns and 4-months-straight-teething and over-emotional-outbursts that tend to keep my days full. 

(In addition to home schooling, laundry, dishes, and parenting)

We are off to the Sunshine State to enjoy slow wake-ups, spontaneity, and late dinners.

Probably nobody else really cares about our little "Honey trip"....but I can't think of anything else, so that is what you get to hear about! 

See you when I get back. With a TAN!  :)


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  1. Just found you through Sarah Bass at grow old with me.

    Have a blast with your hubby!!

  2. Have fun! So exciting to go on a trip with just the Love!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!