Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Snapshot (or 25)

Last week we had the most fantastic and wonderful and excellent surprise ever. EVER.

Well, maybe not EVER EVER....
I mean it wasn't that laundry now washes and dries and puts itself away. 
But it was pretty close.

My sister-in-law and 2 nieces came up to visit!!  Yep, the sister-in-law that was part of the team that saved my life back in 2010. She's pretty great.

And what is even more great is that she has 2 lovely little girls the same ages as Bitty Bean and Boy Bean!

We had some serious fun.

We played with My Little Ponies......

Poor Boy Bean.

He is the only boy on this side of the family.....
I'm hoping he'll just be able to communicate with women really, really well; but he might end up needing lots of therapy.

We encouraged the arts....

the "Arts" being piano playing - not topless dancing.

We had silly face breakfast time.....

And we went HIKING!!!

The Littlest pair walked as long as they could....

and then Boy Bean took a nice long nap in the stroller.  That boy can sleep anywhere!

The bigger-little-people had a blast exploring....


and sharing secrets.

We ran across (I.e. almost stepped on) a lovely poisonous snake!

Jumping Bean even got a turn in the back pack, as usual, she brought her own style to the ride.

I took pictures of my String Bean....but they all turned out blurry.

Her exciting moment in the hike was walking into an occupied spider web. She looked down and said "Hey Daddy! Check out the cool red shape on the spider's bum!"


Turned out it actually was a Black widow.

We roll with danger everywhere.....copperheads, black widows, and emotional meltdowns are just part of a normal day.

Keepin' it interesting,


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  1. Growing up in AZ, black widows were a part of our everyday life of what to avoid! I REALLY do hate them! yuk! my brother got bit inside his ear while he was sleeping! *~shivers* Gives me creepers for sure!!


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