Monday, March 12, 2012

My sort of crazy....

So, I'm officially crazy.

Actually, I'm having an identity crisis; and this is why:

Nothing has changed. 
In an ENTIRE year. 
And there are no huge changes on the horizon for this year. 

This is THE FIRST TIME - in our 8 year marriage -
 that we have not just recovered from/been prepping for a move; 
OR found out I was pregnant; 
OR just had a baby. 

And over the weekend I kinda freaked out about NOT being a nomad.

So, to satisfy this completely strange love of change and crazy, I NEEDED to reorganize.

And my husband - my word, I LOVE that man! - was happy to oblige.

Now the girl room....which had been quite a mess and totally un-pretty and very "just worked," in fact, it was so not-pretty - I don't have a single picture of it....looks lovely.

String Bean is on the floor, Jumping Bean is on top.

Bitty Bean is in the toddler bed
The girls are super excited about their "New Room".

Each bucket will be properly labeled by the end of the week
They feel like they've moved. And that makes them HAPPY.

Now they even have their own reading nook!

They are so my children.

And we organized the closet in the playroom/guest room.

I'm short a bucket for the will be there soon!

That room still needs some serious re-working, but I'm hitting a wall. If I post pictures, will you PLEASE give me suggestions on how to make it better???

And the final, best, most wonderful re-organizing spot?

Our closet.

The dresser we took from the all the clothes that had been "neatly" stacked on the floor - are in there!

Our room is always the last place to "do" on the list. So the fact that our room is finally looking like grown-ups live there is super exciting. The fact that our closet is FINALLY neat - for the first time ever! - is totally worth a happy dance.

The girl feet from May 2010 - 2 weeks before we found out we had a bean in the pod!

I actually have thoughts about the Navy *gasp* but that will be for tomorrow......

Thanks for indulging my crazy!


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