Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cocoa Bean Moment....

So, we are potty training.

By "we," I mean Bitty Bean. 
And by "potty training" I mean, rarely leaving the house and staying as close to the potty as possible and living off of my watch timer.

Fun times.

For some reason, Bitty Bean - who is 2 1/2 - cannot/will not use the potty if she is wearing a pullup. Or panties. That's right. She has accidents when her bum is covered.


If that adorable, mischievous 2 year old is going commando.....she has absolutely ZERO accidents.
And yes, they know that rolling without undergarments is called commando. 

Please call before you come over. 

We used to do just your normal-run-of-the-mill Hip, Hip, HOORAY! Whenever she had success in the potty. Not anymore. Bitty Bean thinks her feats of bathroom ability are worth much much more celebrating.

Which is completely true if it is poop. 
I would stand on my head to get that girl to go poop in the potty.

Now, whenever she takes care of business successfully, she jumps off the pot and yells out

(a la Vector from Despicable Me and Cuzco from Emperor's New Groove.)

And smacks her bum.  


And I laugh so hard I can't breathe.


I don't care if that is potty humor. That moment is sweet. 

Oh yeah!

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  1. So cute! We call going sans undies "cowboyin'" It's a look. Don't worry about it:-)


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