Friday, March 2, 2012


So far, in the 23 days I've done the 10 second rule, I've been quite surprised at the promptings.

They haven't been what I expected.

Mostly, they've been small things - send a text, write a note, pray, listen, focus.  Some have been larger. (But those are being worked through still. Sorry, no more info on those!)

One that has been very convicting is my (lack of) shown through my thoughts.

"Do the NEXT thing you are reasonably certain Jesus would have you do."

That kinda totally impacts my thoughts.
Would Jesus want me to be critical in my heart of that person? 
Would he want me to get frustrated? 
Would he want me to be selfish and annoyed at whatever little thing  
my children - my husband - my friend - a stranger, did?

Here's the kicker: would he want me to be thankful for where he has me? What he has me doing? Who he has me around?

Does God have me here - right here - for a purpose?

Am I hindering that purpose by struggling against this place?

Realizing what you have - where you are - is ENOUGH.

Enough money.
Enough space.
Enough sleep.
Enough health.
Enough time to myself.
Enough mess.
Enough weight.
Enough ability to plan.
Enough friends.
Enough difficulty.
Enough ease.
Enough discomfort.
Enough clothing.
Enough food.

Who determine's MY ENOUGH? It should be Christ.  But it is often everybody else.

I wish for space to workout - to shower - to brush my teeth, without someone touching me or watching me. I wish for a house that can be kept clean. I wish for clothes that fit properly. I wish for stupid things like accessories. I wish for more warning than a flight schedule that constantly changes. I wish for.....what I don't have.

What I don't need.

I struggle and scratch against what I don't have....I want a different outfit...I struggle with my children....I want to lose my "love pot."

While I mentally whine and complain and foster my discontent....I forget how rich I am. 

I say I want other clothes
...while I'm looking through my jewelry, picking out what I like most
...while I'm picking through my shoe choices my dry/warm/safe home.

I've never gone hungry.
My children have never gone hungry.
We've never been without safe shelter.
I've never had to choose between a meal or a doctor visit.

Oh how very rich I am! How spoiled I am that I still find room to whine and complain.

The different people around me - the friends in various phases, the challengers, the mentors, the encouragers, the criticizers - they all have a purpose.  I am often chafing against the very gift God has given me.

The gifts - the ENOUGH - why do I think I need more?

This is the point....

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  1. I love reading all your thoughts. I wish I had written down more of mine when you girls were little. Life is so sweet and every moment is worth savoring. I love you my little Whit......forever.


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