Wednesday, February 29, 2012


(Regarding yesterday)

Sometimes....Motherhood is really hard.

Sometimes....everyone is crying and needing something and hungry and you just want to join right in with your own tears. just don't want to do what you are supposed to do. feel like all you do is repeat yourself, and repeat yourself, and repeat.....

Sometimes....discouragement is very easy to come by.


Sometimes...Motherhood is Really, really fantastic. And amazing. And Grand. get to have a conversation with the little people in your care and speak to their heart - and HEAR their heart.

Sometimes...your house is full of sounds that are so beautiful you want to freeze the moment. You want to record it and have the laughter and giggles and "I love you" and squeals, played over and over.

Sometimes...the lessons are applied and the ears are open and you see glimpses of the wonderful people your children can become.

Sometimes...the perspective is right.

Today (unfortunately) is like the first set of "sometimes". It has been a battle. A war of wills.
And I have lost my temper. I have been discouraged.

But those sweet little sinful people who push my buttons and stretch me painfully and give me wrinkles and laughlines and gray hairs and loads upon loads of laundry.....THEY will wake up tomorrow ready for another adventure. Another great day....and I pray my perspective is right.


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