Monday, February 4, 2013

Mom Style

This is what I wore this weekend, mostly. (dirty, un-brushed hair, no make-up)

What I didn't get a picture of was the snugli pack on my back filled with a screaming, ANGRY, 2 year old boy.

What isn't captured in these pictures taken by my String Bean, is the exhaustion from battling my Boy Bean for hours. Hours that included a trip to the Commissary that HAD to happen. (We were completely out of food)

You can't see the struggle through the store with all 4 children...while one is screaming at the top of his lungs....trying to stay calm, trying to get all the items on my list.

You don't see how badly I wanted to cry because of embarrassment.
Because of all the people shaking their heads and raising their eyebrows.
If only they knew how hard I was working.

What isn't in these pictures is the kind young man who saw me battling in produce - 
he gave me two thumbs up and said "You've got this!" 
And how that encouraged me to persevere through our trip.

You don't see the thoughtful middle-aged man shopping with his teenage son in the freezer section. 
You don't see him coming up to me, placing his hand on my shoulder and saying, 
"You've got this. 
Don't give up. 
One day - he will be a fine young man. 
Battle on!"

You don't see the wounds from the judging or the bandages from the encouraging.

All you see is an outfit.
But this weekend?
It was my battle gear.

Gray Shirt - H&M (2011)
Gray Tank - Target (2012)
Belt - Hand me down
Levi's Straight leg (2012)
New Balance Sneakers (2007)
Earrings - gift from Jumping Bean
Scarf - gift (2010)

 Copyright 2013


  1. awww...what sweet peeps

  2. and ur so thin! Can't believe u've had 4 kids

    1. thank you! I've been working hard at getting healthy. :) So, thanks for the compliment.

  3. You made me tear up! I , too have carried a screaming/kicking toddler (girl in this instance) through Target, under my arm like a pig while everyone gawked. The glorious work of mothers. :)

    1. no one tells you how veryveryvery hard it is. It is the most wonderful, glorious, exhausting, hard, thing in the world. And I love it. :)

  4. I'm in love with the guy in produce and the frozen section that said YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!! and YOU DO!!!!!!!!! Hope you found out when they will be there next time!!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!