Monday, February 11, 2013

How to love a Military family....

Today I'm guest posting over at Life and Grace about loving on a military family....
which is slightly ironic now that the entire deployment has been cancelled!

Sarah is an amazing woman, excellent friend, and fantastic mama. 
So to be a part of a blog written by someone that totally awesome, is a pretty big treat!
If you do not already follow her blog - you should! 
She will challenge and encourage you. 
You will be a better person on this planet just for knowing her. 

I was quite excited about the series when Sarah first told me about it - and rather shocked that she asked me to guest post - because I'm a humongous fan of helping people out. Especially military families.

So, I'm here to share my suggestions on how to help military families dealing with a deployment. :) (This is neither all-inclusive nor 100% accurate...these are just my personal opinions. I have a lot of those.)

Helping a military family - loving on them - reaching out to them - is like reaching out to anyone, just the time table is super scrunched. Most civilians take 3 years to feel like they know someone "well." Military families just don't have that kind of time. Often, military families are closer to other military families instead of civilians - because the military fam will take a gamble on a new person quicker. (Please forgive the mass generalizations)

Also - I would say that every one of these could apply to a single person and a single parent. 

How can you specifically help.......

(To continue reading, please go to Life and Grace!)

~Whitney Copyright 2013

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