Wednesday, November 7, 2012

THAT mama...

Well, it's official.

I've become THAT Mama.

My Bitty Bean - whom I love desperately - has been jumping on my last nerve for about 10 straight days now. She has this horrible - awful - horrific - idea that constant whining and/or screaming will get her what she wants.

I don't know where she gets it - but since I know her Daddy doesn't whine....I'm thinking it could be from a grandparent.

Just sayin'

(Totally kidding - please don't take me seriously. 
I love you all and will be seeing in just a short bit....I know you aren't whiners.
Yet another place where the "sarcasm" font would be rather useful.)  


So tonight, on the way home from church, she started in for the 7 millionth time of the day. Really.

She spent the majority of 3 hours in her room today because she didn't want to speak without whining. I checked her every 10 minutes and asked if she was "ready to be nice." 
2 hours and 45 minutes later, she said "yes."
The stubbornness is straight from me. 
And My Love. 

Good times.

Back to the car....
We were sitting at the red light waiting to drive through the gate to base, and Bitty Bean decided she was going to claw Jumping Bean's eyes out because Jumping Bean said "I love you."
You read that right.

I tell them constantly that obedience = safety.
When you choose disobedience, you choose danger.
(This is pertinent, stay with me)

So we pulled up to the gate guard and I asked the POLICEMAN to scare some sense into my criminally-minded 3 year old.

And he did...

He did, however, make Jumping Bean cry for fear that he would take her naughty sister away to jail. 

He never said that.

I did. 
But he was speaking in the car window telling my girls to shape up and listen to their mother. Apparently, they get requests for that all the time, so he had a great little speech down pat. I may have to go back later and plagiarize.

Bitty Bean did get the point.
By the time we were home, I thought she was reformed.
Calm behavior, listening, obeying....but then I realized she had just been mulling over what the policeman had said when she asked,

"Would I have to share with my sisters if I'm in Jail?"

Maybe Boy Bean isn't my only Felon-in-Training.

Happy parenting!

 Copyright 2012


  1. Two things have now put her on the path of crime, your attempt at scaring her straight and letting her wear a do rag to church. Actually that do rag may have caused it all; next thing you know she will be flashing gang signs.

    1. i'm sure it has nothing to do with her smart aleck daddio. :) AND that do rag was a CROWN. The kid is a creative genius. :)

  2. That girl and I need a spend the night party together!!! What a hoot!! Hang tough mom, you've got this!!!

  3. hahahaha still laughing over ChiefofPtribe's comment. It's all your fault Whitney -- you and your gangster ways that have passed on to your kids. ;)

    That last picture is too cute!! :D

  4. I must say, this WAS an encouraging one!! My little 3 yr old firecracker and your little Miss Bitty, would get along just fine! My tender-hearted 5 yr old often has his heart broken because his sweet baby sister frequently turns evil whenever he tries to talk sweetly to her or say he loves her! One minute she's hugging him and asking him if she can help him clean his room, and the next she's asking me if she can go to time out, because she doesn't want to be nice! LOL!!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!