Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Help me out....

Alright people in the world wide web....

This chick needs your help.


(Please disregard this entire post if you have a life and don't want to waste your time with useless stuff)

I'm not super-awesome at decorating....or really just plain awesome....I'm more of a "here's a place to put your butt - hooray if it is clean!" kind of decorator.

But I would like to be a tad bit more advanced. I know it won't happen over night....that takes more money than I want to spend. Especially since we are planning to fork over some moolah for a port call next year. :)  But I at least need a direction to head towards....

So here I am, asking for your opinion.  Which, quite honestly, I might hate. I'm rather particular when it comes to decor - although you wouldn't know that because most of our stuff is hodge-podge-works-for-right-now.

To help with an idea of what I/we like...and what we've got to work with...here are some pictures of my house....

I love, love, LOVE this pillow. The randomness of the owls, the fun collection of colors, that it is comfy and functional, that it doesn't look stuffy/grown up. :)

All colors have to come from here. This pillow is the spring board of inspiration. :)

We have a large dark "leather" sectional

First wall hanging we bought as old married people. I love this. :)

What is currently on the huge wall in the living room....needs more....don't know what.  

Apparently, I like bright green.
 This painting just makes me smile.

Rug as you walk in the house
(Is that an entry-way rug? I have no clue)

Art from when we lived in Chicago - Love the Windy city!

Art in the entryway - I like the bold colors

Art in the dining room...I still like this, although not a 10. 
My Love is not so sure any more. :)

Metal piece in the kitchen - we both love it still.

A couple shots of what we have to work with in the living room....

Painted piano - not my favorite, but the price was spot on and it is in good shape. 

Hand-me-down chair that will soon be recovered....color to be determined....

Hand-me-down chair that will soon be recovered....color to be determined....

To get a tad bit more of a picture in what I like - feel free to check out my pinterest. :)

I'm clearly bad at adding texture and depth. Help me out! 

~Whitney Copyright 2012


  1. I've always been told to come up with a list of terms that describe the type of environment you want/feel you want for your home.

    Ex: chic, elegant, fun, casual, cozy, whimsical, warm, cool, serene, vibrant, cute, glamorous, modern, clean, sophisticated, simplistic, rustic, traditional etc…

    Pick your top (3-5) ‘feels’ that you like most and work from there.
    Judging from your current collection of items… I was thinking something along the lines of cozy, chic, warm, vibrant and simplistic.

    You could maybe mix some patterns… and really pull out some vibrant colors from your favorite Owl pillow ;)

    Good Stuff, Good Stuff.

    1. okay - fun, whimsical, vibrant, comfy, welcoming.....those would be my words. :)

  2. I'm not that gr8 at decorating either, but I like ur pieces...can u paint the walls a more vibrant color to make things pop a bit more?

    1. this is navy housing....and while we *could* paint, I don't want to because we would just have to repaint when we move. :)

  3. good words! what if you found some more fun, patterned or textured pillows that can add a little pop... maybe at colorful throw? you could pull out that rusty red color and maybe a mustard yellow? you could also paint or put some sort of paper on the back of your bookshelf to add a pop of color too.

    1. those are really good ideas!! I think you need to come over and think out loud.... :)

  4. I definitely recognize that first hand-me-down chair!!

    1. super duper comfy....totally not the original color! 4 kids can be rather hard on non-washable surfaces!

  5. personally I love your house and think you have done a fantastic job. I think it looks nice and cozy and ... you! but if you're looking for well-priced decor for your home, def check out tjmaxx ... almost everything there is buy-able. might get you into trouble ;)

    1. thank you! That means a lot -your home is so welcoming and together and lovely, I really appreciate your kind words. :)


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!