Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer....and what ISN'T growing

School officially ended on Thursday.

There has been an OBSCENE amount of rejoicing since that moment. 

(The kids are excited too)

We have been doing a whole lotta this....


and this.

I've also discovered why my Cilantro won't grow...

Here's a hint:  Boy Bean

Like a good mama - I took pictures of his naughtiness.  

According to my Mama-in-law, cilantro is over-rated anyway. Maybe the Boy just takes after her!

Basically, we are soaking up the sun, chilling in the pool, and (apparently) killing herbs at random. Sounds like a good start to the summer to me!

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  1. Cilantro is DEFINITELY overrated. We fondly call it the weed of Mexico. :) I love that he is destroying it on a table. Yay for your school year being done! We will have to chat sometime about homeschooling...I cant decide if Im going back to it or not...*shrug* Happy Summer!!

  2. Looks like the boy bean is into dirt!! Sounds like a little Uncle Doug to me! Can we say farmer? or landscape architect?

  3. as always LOL. Have a fun summer.

  4. that's what summer is all about!


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