Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday fun!

So yesterday, I turned 30.

Yep. And I am super stoked about it.

No 29th anniversary for me!!!  Each year that goes by, I feel more comfortable in my skin, but less comfortable not growing. It's a good balance.

My Love gave me the best-ever present in the whole-wide-world......a CAMERA!!!!!!!!

Seriously - the best ever. 
He said the only gift I've reacted to more excited was when he gave me a ring on bended knee. 

I mean I started crying and blubbering and hugging him and just could NOT believe it.

The best part? He couldn't wait to give it to I opened it on Sunday!

Which meant my actual birthday found each child having a bit of a photo shoot......

My Little Boy Bean.. who is going to need his baby curls trimmed soon. I really don't want to. But I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

His little grin is so full of t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

My Jumping Bean...I really don't know how her personality fits in her body.

She is my little live-wire.

My Bitty Bean...I'm pretty sure we will see this face again. When she's about 15.

She definitely knows how to work a look!


My String Bean...she wasn't feeling her absolute best. Yet she still humored me with the photo shoot!

 I feel like I went to sleep with a baby and when I woke up the next morning...she was almost 7.  My sweet girl - I truly don't know what I'd do without her!

Those little faces made my birthday wonderful.

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