Monday, May 14, 2012

Slightly Belated....

Well, I will probably start writing full sentences again in about 2 weeks.

Why 2 weeks?

Because in 2 weeks we will be done with our first year of home schooling!!

It has really been a GREAT year.
It has really been a HARD year.

Seriously.  I've realized I should be labeled a reluctant homeschooler. I've loved many things about this year....and I've struggled with many things this year. (More on all that in about 2 weeks.) :)

Yesterday marked Mother's Day - as I am sure most of you realized.  It kinda snuck up on me.

(Like every holiday and birthday and special day in the past 9 months or so...9 months....that is the same time that I've been homeschooling! Coincidence? I think not.)

I'm so thankful to be Mama. 

To wear this title.
To have the tired eyes, the snot covered shoulders, the peanut butter and jelly smeared pants.
I'm thankful for the stretching. (Thankful for the figurative kind....not so much the literal)

I'm thankful for my Mama....a woman I'm becoming more like almost every second.  A woman I want to be like. A Mama who passionately attacks life and desperately loves her family.

I'm  thankful for my Mama-in-law...a woman I want to be like. A Mama who joyfully sacrifices for her family.

I'm thankful for my "Mama support team." The women I watch and learn from. The women in various phases of mothering....from Grandma's, to Mama's of teenagers, to New Mama's, to Prayer Mama's....I don't know what I'd do without each of them!

On Mother's day, I want to celebrate so much more than the Mama's who wear the title - the one's with strollers, and hurting backs, and obscene amounts of laundry - I want to celebrate the women who realize that no matter where they are, there is someone they could be (and probably are!) nurturing, encouraging, and loving.

Happy Mother's Day!


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  1. Well put my love!!! Hope your Mother's Day was exactly the one you deserve!! Love you, Aunt Rosemary

  2. You're a wonderful mama and a great example to all of newbies!! :)


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!