Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Sorry this is so long - but I kinda have a lot to say on this day!

Since my last Mother's day - I have added  a nephew, 
Baby Ronin - December 10, 2010

a niece,
Baby Ali Mae - December 15, 2010

a son, 

Baby Landon - December 28, 2010
and numerous baby friends. 

And that isn't even all of them!
I have been stretched, exhausted,  

overwhelmed, hugged, kissed, 

and loved-with-abandon.

I have had the privilege of witnessing the birth of a family. 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be mothered. 

This holiday can be an exceptionally hard one - for those who have lost their mother (or a mother-figure), lost a child, or are made acutely aware of their non-mother status.
But I want to tell you this - my dear-friends-without-children:
You don't have children, yet you encourage me with mine. You have taught me the importance of waiting patiently on the Lord's timing. You have shown me the value of humility. You have exemplified a spirit of joy in circumstances that are not your preference, but you cling to the hope that God's way is best.  While you do not have children - I am a better mother because of knowing you.

I have had the gift of not only having a wonderful Mom, but a wonderful Mother-in-law. 
I love you both. 
I am immensely grateful for all the things I have learned from each of you.

Due to our moves - I also have a military mom, a local mom, and numerous mom's-who-help-me-keep-sane.  I don't know what I would do without you. 

This time of year many people are pondering what their Mother's have meant to them.....while you are all at it, I thought I could throw in my idea of what Motherhood is.......

Motherhood is so much more than being a doctor to a skinned knee. 
Or a counselor for a bruised heart. 
Or a nutritionist who provides balanced meals. 
Or a teacher for just about Everything
It is not a job where you can clock in or clock out, call a substitute, or quit. 

To be completely honest, there are days I would like so much to be able to call a substitute.

Once you are a mommy there is no going back. 

Being a mother is more than any number of titles because it is one title that will stretch your heart beyond your wildest imagination. 
It will cause you to cry and laugh at both joy and sadness; because sometimes there is nothing else left in you. 
It shows you not just who you are - but who you want to be. 
Motherhood is a constant mirror held up to you to reveal your true self. 
I've only being doing this Mommy thing since August 31, 2005 - but I've managed to mess up and outright fail in a few areas already. It is a blessing and a trial that improvement is such a slow process. 
I don't think the "great" moms are the so-called "perfect" moms - because your children both know and readily pick up your flaws and errors - a Great Mom is one who is always seeking to improve and realizes that being a perfect mom is not the goal. 
There are moments that I wish I could just freeze forever - the little moments that I know I will wish for one day. 
The kisses on my face that leave me sticky with jelly. 
The joyous squeal that is brought because a supposed lost toy is found. 
The unabashed - and earnest - way in which hugs are given. 
The moment where String Bean cupped my face in her hands and said "I love you my mommy." 
The way Jumping Bean runs to my lap with her blankie when she first wakes up just to be sure she can snuggle. 
The way Bitty Bean giggles with excitement over every morsel of food she sees.
The times when Boy Bean cries and all his sisters crowd around him to sing "You are my sunshine."

There are so many beautiful moments in motherhood - 
and yet it can seem as though, at times, there are none at all. 

Sometimes my focus is turned on the wrong thing and instead of relishing the moment, all I see is the mess. 
I wish away these early years to where I will get a break every once in a while. 
I think of the constant questions and chatter as a burden instead of a gift. 

I know that one day I will look back and desperately wish for them to come to me with a waterfall of words about their day and their thoughts - and yet at this moment, all I desire is quiet. If only I could remember to keep the right perspective always and truly treasure the gift that motherhood is. Instead of resenting the interrupted sleep from a bad dream or an illness - be thankful for the opportunity to hold them a moment more. 

One day - a day that is speeding toward me - they will no longer be here with me and my empty arms will ache and I'll wish for the noise and the laughter and emotion and chatter that only they could fill my home with. 

So, what is Motherhood? 
To me, it is a gift. 
A life-long gift where laughter, joy, pain, heartache, wonder, and love all meet together. 
Mother's Day 2010 - we didn't know Boy Bean was already in the POD!

Copyright 2011


  1. Beautiful post Whitney! I love every word. The part in the middle to the childless woman is particularly sweet and special. I've wrestled today as I've enjoyed each moment with my new son, but still remember acutely the pain that came with previous years. I never want to forget those who are still in that place. Thank you for being such a great friend and so compassionate with your words. It's rare to find someone who gets it even though they haven't experienced it, you know? You are very special. :) Happy Mother's Day!

  2. This made me cry. I can't really explain it- but it's really nice to see/hear a Mom who (despite all the crazy and sacrifice or being a Mom) still cherishes every bit of it so much. Thank You.

  3. LOVE this. And LOVE your thoughtfulness to all the non-mothers! Very sweet!!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Whitney!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!