Monday, May 2, 2011


I know I've been rather MIA lately - and when I've actually written something, it hasn't been that great.

C'mon. I read my stuff too.


We've been totally slammed with life in this greenhouse. No huge problems - I mean they really just add up to a hill of beans - but the weeds of busyness and exhaustion have definitely been taking their toll on me. And my writing.

For some reason, I have a LOT of trouble coming up with anything coherent - let alone funny! - when I'm exhausted.

So, after much thought, deliberation, and a major reality check; my blog will be getting a makeover.

I'm actually pretty excited about it!

There will be a good bit more focus and less of a "random thoughts that just hit my head" feel.  There will not be daily posts - but hopefully the quality will make up for  a lack of quantity.


I'll be doing focused posts on the military lifestyle/experience, parenthood, living healthier, and cocoa bean moments.

I'm trying to get everything together this week - so changes can go into effect next Monday!

Let me know if you like them.

Let me know if you don't!

I like feedback - pointers - critiques. :) (As long as they are nice.)

For the fun of it - here is a family Easter picture...and I know it is a week late. :)

See you next week!!

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