Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15 minutes.....

Sometimes, my life is PHENOMENAL.

I mean, my children are perfect angels and smiley and the house is spotless and I'm rested and all the meals prepared are done ON TIME AND DELICIOUS!

Shortly thereafter....I wake up.  :)

Oh well.

Here is a snippet of my morning - just 15 minutes of it.

As we went to load up in the car to take String Bean to school - Bitty Bean decided (with an evil glint in her eye) that it would be funny to hide her shoe.

In the trash bin.



After scrambling around hunting for the lost shoe - I managed to get all 4 beans buckled in the car.

To date I haven't left anyone.  
Which is truly miraculous.  
Especially since last week I almost left Boy Bean napping in his crib when I went to pick up String Bean.  Thank the Lord Jumping Bean was ECSTATIC about it just being girls in the car.  
Otherwise the poor man-child would have had to fend for himself.


We arrived at the school and String Bean says, "Mom! You forgot my lunch!"

Insert extremely-frustrated-sigh-and-serious-levels-of-annoyed-mother here.

I then picked Boy Bean up out of the car seat to transfer to the stroller for the walk to String Bean's class room - and discovered he had pooped.

All. Up. His. Back.

Poor kid just had to deal with it until after we dropped his sister off because we were running late due to Bitty Bean's twisted sense of humor.  

But I can state with complete confidence he is no longer full of poop.

His onesie, diaper, pants, and socks?  Not so much.


Then Jumping Bean needed to go potty - which was no big deal. She accomplished her business while I was trying to clean Boy Bean with the 3 wipes I had with me.

During all of that chaos, Bitty Bean decided not enough was going on and fell off a stool and hit her head on the floor.


And THAT is what my not-so-perfect-days typically look like!

Copyright 2011


  1. Whitney, you just took me back about 25 years when I had to keep up with 4 little boys. I have SO been where you are! Oh the challenges young mothers face every day. You have a beautiful family and a great attitude. Keep up the good work.

  2. How's that go again? Oh gosh, sounds like my day, everyday!

  3. haha! this sounds like my life! :)


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!