Friday, November 12, 2010

Some organizing proof....

Well, I believe I've mentioned that I am psychotically nesting with this pregnancy. I figured no one would believe the levels to which I have I thought I'd document them!

I was LITERALLY being kept awake at night trying to figure out a cost-effective and orderly way to corral the girls clothes once they were all moved into the same room.  Here is what I came up with... (bear in mind a 5 year old and 3 year old put their clothes away!)
An old TV Cabinet that was headed for the trash - I just added a back (plywood) and removed the shelf for a DVD player. On the right is a dresser we found at a yard sale 5 years ago.
Inside the cabinet is a 9-Cube organizer. Makes me happy!

Labels for EVERYTHING!
Bitty Bean's clothes all fit in the white dresser with an extra drawer for the big girl's items.

I think these fancy wall tags in their closet should do the trick!
 Now, I was partially motivated to label what-goes-where to help the Beans learn where things went, but it was primarily to help My Love be able to get the beans dressed if I somehow go into labor with Boy Bean the very day he comes home! (I also needed to figure out a way to keep all their clothes in the closet neat and organized - 3 different sizes in the same area...definitely could spell frustration if all time is spent checking tags!)
These shoe boxes with all their "next size up" help keep me from wasting money on items we already have.
I also re-purposed a book shelf we bought at a garage sale for $5 5 years ago into a shoe storage rack!

And THERE is some proof that I am going crazy!! But at least people will know where to find stuff when they take me away.... :)
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  1. I love it. :) I will come back to visit this particular entry once we get to NE!

  2. hooray! so glad it will come in handy for you :) I find masking tape on the doors of pretty much everything helps when we get to a new house....just takes some guess work out with each transition....seeing as how we've done 8 houses in 7 years - I've had to learn some tricks! :)

  3. As a neat freak - I LOVE THIS! Once upon a time before nursing school I had good systems in place, but after moving, etc. they are gone :( Feel free to come over and nest my house to pieces!! LOL. - Kate


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