Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cat's away....

So....have you ever wondered exactly WHY a mom can never go to the bathroom in peace?

It isn't just some freak-of-nature-thing that the children always must-needs their mother right at the moment.

I think it is to help the mom out. At least you know where your kids are. AND what they are doing. This point was proven to me today in my brief bathroom break.

Bear in mind this is the day that I have no voice and feel like I've been run over by a truck....everything is much more challenging.

String Bean was at school, and Jumping Bean and Bitty Bean were happily taking turns on the rocking I thought I was in the clear for the 1 minute it would take to go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

And flush of course. We are not THAT eco-friendly.

I was wrong.

Apparently, there was a secret stash of MARKERS hidden in the playroom for such a time as this. Thankfully, my walls, carpet, furniture, and pretty much everything-that-would-cost-a-lot-to-fix, were spared.  Instead, the Beans had gone to town - on each other. 

Obviously, they thoroughly enjoyed their artistic foray. Not only because it was super fun...but also because - and I am sure they knew this - Mommy did not have the energy to discipline them properly for their crime. (Markers without supervision are a definite no-no.)

Oh well. I guess I just have many more years of reading children's stories out-loud while using the bathroom. 

Wait! My day isn't done! Tonight was the night Bitty Bean decided was the perfect night to test the limits about staying in her bed.  Of course it was. Up and down and up and down and in and out and in and out....round and round we went. I'll spare you all the details...but after 45 minutes of battling I was ready to just put her back in the crib. Thankfully, she didn't try me that one more time...or she would have found herself in a new room for the night. From her perspective, I can understand why she chose tonight to challenge...I mean how intimidating or fearsome can a person be when the "voice of doom" is a finger snap? Or - heaven forbid - a hand clap? I mean really. I did find ways to get the point across....but she just wanted to be sure I meant it.

Holy cow. That sin nature sure is something to battle against!

But all parties are peacefully sleeping now....and I think that is my signal to join them...after I go to the bathroom in peace - just because I can.

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  1. I agree with the bathroom issue! When I have to go while they are both up, and for whatever reason they don't follow me in there (which is rare), I thank the Lord when I can hear them both singing, giggling, and even crying! At least I know they are both breathing! :D

  2. Going to the bathroom is quite a challenge in our house as well :) I usually just take everyone with me :)


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