Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zone 3 - The Girl Room

My girls.
String Bean,

Jumping Bean,

and Bitty Bean.

They are pretty fantastic.  I mean, really, really cool people to hang out with. They can make me laugh until I cry...they can make me cry in a half-second...they can drive me crazy...they can stump me...they teach me daily.

I'm just extremely glad I know them. And I can't wait to see the women they become.

I've been thinking a LOT about them and their futures lately, because I've been spending exorbitant amounts of time in their room, going through their things, and figuring out what they like.

One thing is certain - they are three INDIVIDUALS.  They are sisters - they are bonded with similar memories, the same crazy parents, a complete hatred for bugs - but they are not the same. And I LOVE that.

I learned from the Design Research that String Bean and Jumping Bean may be from the same family and only 25 months apart - but they could not be more different. To summarize their differences - here is how they answered my question "What would your dream room look like?"

String Bean: "It would be clean, with lots of white. Not much stuff around. Like Auntie's house. I mean, I like our house, Mommy, I just like how Auntie doesn't have tons of color, better."

Jumping Bean:  "I want to live inside a magical, beautiful, rainbow. With color exploding everywhere."


Thanks for making this easy. :)

I loved learning what they liked and getting their input on design.  We spent hours together over the last 5 months looking at magazines and Pinterest, discussing what they liked or didn't like. It was so much fun! They loved the time spent together where I just wanted to know what they thought and liked - where there was no wrong answer. Time where they could dream up whatever they wanted - not that we would be able to make that dream happen, but so that I could know what their dreams looked like.

So. Much. Fun.

(In fact, we looked at ALL the pre-made Pottery Barn Kids AND Teen rooms, online; and they agreed on 3 rooms. THREE. Holyheckamama.)

The girl room has been just for String Bean and Jumping Bean...then Bitty Bean moved in when Boy was born - and they loved being all together....When Boy was a year, Bitty Bean moved in with him - she worried he was lonely....but by the time he was 2, Bitty Bean was BEGGING to join the girl room.

Therefore, all 3 girls share a room.
And they love it.

And Boy loves it. He has space where he is not harassed to death, or bossed, or forced to play with My Little Ponies. (But his space is for a different month)  :)

String Bean's favorite color is teal, Jumping Bean's is pink, and Bitty Bean's is purple. That was my spring board. I decided to color code all their stuff and then keep the large things white. They all DO like pink, so that is the other "neutral" color.

Here's a peek:

Guess what you'll be seeing this week? :)  The grand reveal of Zone 3: Girl Room.

~Whitney Copyright 2013

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