Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zone 3 - The Girl Room Post 1

Well, after much hard work....the Girl Room is almost done.
Here is the grand reveal of the girl-beans and their style...

(I have been hunting through my files to find "Before" pictures, and I could only find a couple:)
This was the view from the door:

A mattress stayed directly on the floor because we couldn't figure out how to fit two twin beds and a toddler bed without a bunk.

The former clothing area - Bitty Bean's clothes were actually hodge-podge stored between the closet and Boy Bean's room.

This is what you see now when you enter the room:

The organized and labeled clothing area :)
(More on that later in the week)

The bunk beds!!!! (Bitty Bean is purple and String Bean is teal)

(We also stashed our extra crib mattress under the bed for those middle-of-the-night sheet changes.)

Jumping Bean is pink and she picked the zebra sheets....because her FAVORITE animal in the whole wide world is a flamingo, and the next favorite is a zebra! :)

The curtains are from Target - the girls LOVED the ones in Pottery Barn - but $100 a panel? Not a chance. Target looks quite similar for a fraction of the cost. Happy mama. Happy girls.

Jumping Bean has the nightstand/book shelf - a beautiful piece of furniture their Great-grandfather made.

They have their name-art from their great-uncle Jim, and the painting they made when Bitty Bean was 1 month old.

Individual pictures tinted with their colors (teal, pink, and purple)
And their newest collaborative art piece: The Bird collage. They all painted the background and then did a collage of papers for the birds. (More on that another day too!)

Space for their piggy banks and earring cleaner.

Tea cups from two sets of Great-Grandparents.

All in all? I am thrilled to pieces with their room! It is organized, reflects who they are, has pieces from many family members in it, and easily stays clean!

Definitely a win. :)

~Whitney Copyright 2013

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