Monday, October 1, 2012

Cocoa Bean Moment...

Tonight was the drop off.

Time to drop off My Love again; to pack his bags; to say goodbye; to start an emotional roller coaster with the Beans.

As we waved and hollered goodbye out the car window, Bitty Bean added (at the top of her lungs)

"AND I JUST TOOTED!!!!!!!!!"

 A bitter moment, made sweet.

Then, as we were heading home, I asked the Beans if they wanted to talk to Jesus about what they were feeling and thinking.

Jumping Bean immediately started praying:

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for my Daddy. 
Please keep him safe with you. 
Please keep us safe without him. 
We love him a lot because he is really pretty much the bestest ever....well, except Mommy. 
She's pretty awesome. 
I guess, thank you for her too. 
Help us to be brave girls without Daddy. 
Help us to love people, and help Boy to speak. 

Side note: I did not tell her to say any of those things. Regarding Boy Bean's need for speech - at the moment he sorta says 7 words. His frustration level reaches epic proportions at the speed of light. The entire house would just be EVERSOMUCH happier, if he would just learn the word "yes."

That is our goal for the month of October.

Then Bitty Bean wanted to pray:

Thank you for today. 
For today with Daddy. 
Thank you for Daddy and wrestling and hugging and playing with me. 
Thank you for my sisters learning things in school. 
Thank you for stories with Mommy. 
Thank you for Boy not hit me today. 
Thank you for potty at Daddy's work. 

Side note: Bitty Bean had a NEED for a bathroom. That was quite a true bit of gratitude.
The comment about Boy not hitting her? Well, he has compensated for his lack of verbal skills by his aim with a matchbox car, baseball bat, ball, or any small object that can be lodged at a sister. Again, the entire house would just be EVERSOMUCH happier, if he would just learn the word "yes."
(String Bean asked to not participate.)

By both their prayers I was challenged.
They thanked God for what they were given.
Would they rather Daddy stay home? Yes!
(That was clearly articulated en route to drop off.)
Were they sad? Yes.
But they were still thankful.

Because we have been given much. 

~Whitney Copyright 2012


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