Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 days...part 2

This little away has not been all fun and games (a la the last post).

Though it has been completely normal. 

Yes, a copy of my debit card was made and someone sought to purchase items in Portugal. Lots of items. So all of our accounts were frozen. Which is not the end of the world, except I was checking out at the commissary when they froze the accounts.

Of course.

Our bank, USAA, is amazing. So, aside from some inconvenience - we are okay.

Then, we narrowly missed being in a pileup on the interstate. By "narrowly," I mean by about 3 inches and 1/2 a second. I am not known for being an excellent driver. My Love is about 10 million times better than I.  But somehow, I was able to maneuver the Swagger Wagon between the orange construction barrels without hitting them or the car in front of me.  The car behind me slammed into the car in front of me. Did I mention I had all 4 beans AND a friend in the car?

I'm convinced Jesus took the wheel.

After all the girls stopped screaming like banshees, and my heart stopped beating in my ears, we were able to continue home.

I also managed to get so ridiculously lost going to a friend's house, that I pulled to the side of the road and cried.

This is the face of an eventual felon.

Boy Bean has been channeling every naughty behavior possible. That boy has some insane stamina. After his screaming, snotting, kicking, hitting, and needing an exorcism daily, my house has been suffering from neglect. The man-child will never be pressured into ANYTHING he doesn't want to do. Lucky for him, his stubborn nature comes direct from both parents - so I intend to win this battle. I may end up deaf because of it, but this child is gonna learn some self-control. Until that time, Mama-control will have to suffice.

Bitty Bean broke into my makeup during a quiet time. One brand new eyeliner pencil and bottle of foundation later, she developed quite a look. She was seeking to be a lion. I was seeking not to freak out.  Yes, I let her keep it on her face the rest of the day. Yes, she had to clean up the obscene mess in the bathroom.

Not done yet.

THEN, I had the privilege of being a support person for a friend's labor and delivery. Which was AMAZING.  Thoughts on that will have to be another time... the short of it is this: I don't know how emergency personnel do it. I had 2 hours of sleep to last me 23 hours.  I thought I was gonna die. And I didn't even have the baby!

Finally, I had a special day with Jumping Bean and String Bean only. We had numerous doctor's appointments scheduled on one day, so I just kept them out of school, farmed out the younger half, and made an adventure of it.  What a grand and marvelous day it was.  Those two are just entirely too much fun.

We've also had the normal face wounds (4), bleeding extremities (3), bad dreams (lost count), and dance parties (as often as we can!).

So far, I'd say it has been a pretty good ride. :)

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  1. try taking him off of sugar & all dies & processed foods...I was like this as a child & was only later diagnosed w/ food allergies...these items would make my brain spin so fast that I honestly thought the world was coming to an end if I didn't get my own way

  2. also ashwaganda & rescue remedy are good calmers

  3. I just love a day in the life of beans!!!!


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