Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pin Test

So, I  recently joined (the vortex known as) Pinterest.   (Find me at whitpoitevint)
And I am officially sucked in.

The beautiful styles!
The amazing crafts!
The phenomenal home decor tips!

The wonderful finds are overwhelming.


But I have been happily pinning away - things I like, things I want to do, things that look delicious, brilliant ideas, cheap fixes, creative gifts....yadayadayada

Inspired by Delia who blogs at Delia Creates (which, you need to check out. This woman is a genius.) I thought I would challenge myself with a weekly "pin test." Where I actually do the cool things I've pinned and report on my success/failure. :)

My first Pin Test?  Smooth Leg Treatment.

My husband is away and I wanted to pamper myself. I try to schedule in one evening every 2 weeks where I just do something for myself, at home.  Things like paint my nails, learn how to do a new hairstyle, watch a movie, sew, whatever I want. This pin seemed to fit that bill. :)

The directions were quite straightforward:

Take 1 1/4 cups sugar.....

1/2 cup olive oil.....

3 Tablespoons citrus juice (I used Lime)....


and let sit for at least 5 minutes.

The official directions say to soak in a tub for 5 minutes and then shave your legs.
Well, I had mowed the yard - so I needed a shower. Shaving of legs happened then.  :)

This is where the directions get the most challenging -
Coat your legs in the mix and rub in. (I also did my feet)
Shave again.
Coat your legs a 2nd time.
Get out of tub - and moisturize. :)

Not too hard, right?

I followed the directions - did exactly as I was supposed to - and my legs are smooth as can be. This, my friends, is a WINNER.

Not ONLY do you get super smooth legs - but it forces you to clean your bathtub. 
(Most hated chore ever) 
The spa treatment was like the veritable carrot on the end of the clean-your-tub stick. 

I'm thinking I will keep this little beauty treatment in my routine - it just might mean cleaner bathrooms....  

Happy Pinning!

~Whitney Copyright 2012

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  1. Glad you joined. It's a great big world out there...of pins:-)


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