Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cocoa Bean Moment.....

Well. It happened.

I knew this day would come, so I was ready.

Ready to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and finish with a photo shoot.

My Jumping Bean - my ball of constant movement - my girl who hates stuff that gets in her way...

found scissors.

She came downstairs one Sunday morning...interestingly, the very morning AFTER my first attempt at cutting Boy Bean's hair....and said she had a magic trick.

"Look Mom! I can make my BANGS DISAPPEAR!"

 When I looked at her, I saw her hands clasped in anticipation of my joy, her hopeful and excited eyes, and her cherubic face...perfectly framed by Dumb and Dumber bangs.

 After I pulled myself off the floor and dried my laughing eyes, I asked her one word: "WHY?"

"Because they got in my way," my logical girl replied.

It didn't matter that we ended up being 20 minutes late for church - or that there were beautiful blond waves (In process of being GROWN OUT!!) on the bathroom floor - because that moment was sweet.

~Whitney Copyright 2012


  1. hahahahahahahah! Oh my. Laugh-Crying is the best.

  2. Evert time Mom looks at her picture she says my word she looks like Lindsey :)


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