Monday, April 22, 2013

I could...

I could show you pictures of my living room and how awesome it looks with curtains.

(For the record - if you want curtains, GO TO IKEA. For real. Their website has nowhere near the selection they have in store. It is a grown up wonderland of deals and beautiful stuff.)

I could post pictures of the girl room (Yes, all three of our girls are sharing a room. They actually begged for it. Please get off my case) and how totally amazing all the organization is working. 

I could probably drum up something sappy to write.

I could complain about the psychotic Hampton Roads weather. (My word. It is absolute craziness.)

But I'm not gonna do any of that tonight. Nope.
I have to write down a bit about my String Bean (7.5) and my Jumping Bean (5.5) and the crazy conversation we had yesterday....

We were all (minus My Love, who is away briefly), eating breakfast before church, when out-of-the-blue String Bean says:

"Mom, how do you know the Bible is true? I mean there is a lot of stuff in it that is, you know, kinda hard to buy."

"What are you thinking of, exactly?"

"Well, the whole idea about Jesus lives forever but was a human for just a bit of time. And the guys that wrote the Bible - but God is supposed to be the one who wrote the Bible - and what if they heard him wrong?"

Seriously? Isn't that what College level philosophy classes are for? I haven't even had my coffee!

Then Jumping Bean pipes in:
"And what's up with the whole Esau business? I mean, how could a Mommy or Daddy love one kid more than the other? I don't want to believe that a brother could be so mean. Or a Daddy could be so mean. Why is that in there?"

I could tell you my answers and the conversation that followed, but really all I want to say is this...

I never thought I'd see the day where I just wished my kids were asking about sex. 


~Whitney Copyright 2013

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