Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cocoa Bean Moment....

Although it has been a WHILE since I posted one of has not been due to lack of material!

It has primarily been due to lack of sleep, time, and free hands.

But a moment happened yesterday that I just HAD to make time to document.  (Lucky you!)

Bit of a backstory usual.

I've been trying desperately to instill in my girls where beauty actually lies. 
You can look in the mirror and see "pretty," but that doesn't make you beautiful. 
Beauty is who you are, not what you look like. 
You are beautiful if you are kind, unselfish, loving, peaceful, obedient, compassionate, giving, trustworthy....well, you get the idea. 
Basically, if you are fruity - you are beautiful!

I've been hoping this is sinking in....
especially since these girls are a lot like their mother parents, and mildly narcissistic.

Back to yesterday - Bitty Bean had a toy that Jumping Bean REALLY, REALLY, wanted.
Bitty Bean voluntarily gave up the toy and was happy to share it with her Sissy.
As soon as the hand off was made, Jumping Bean said,
"Oh Sister!  You are sooo BEA-U-TI-FUL because you shared!"

As I basked in the moment of a lesson sinking in, String Bean (who had been observing the exchange) decided to comment on the episode:
"Well, you would have been MORE beautiful...if you had given it to me."

And I laughed. Really, really, hard.

So the lessons are still in progress.......but the moment was still sweet.


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