Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So, I could write a post about today outlining how it is only 1:15pm and

.....I already have dinner cooking in the crock pot filling the house with yummy smells....
Chicken cacciatore :)

....We only have to review our spelling words and school will be done for the day - even with some extra-fun of hunting for videos all about caves,

....all 4 children have been fed - TWICE! - and kept with clean bums!

(As in rear-ends, not a tidy person off the street)

....all beds have been made,

.....I made 2 days worth of fresh applesauce for the boy.

And, while all of the above is is NOWHERE NEAR the whole story.

I haven't showered yet.

Not a single dish has been done.

(Including emptying the clean dishes from the dishwasher.)

The house is swiftly exploding on itself.

And I still need to get to the commissary.

Oh well.

Just keeping it real folks.

I hope you get your "have to's" (and even some of your "want to's") done today; but if you don't, it will be okay.

We can both rest our feet on the pile of laundry currently procreating throughout the house.....

Copyright 2011


  1. Ahhhh, my own Erma Bombeck!!! I love you dearly!!
    Well, after the wedding is over, Uncle Doug and I are coming over and giving you a day to go to the commissary ALONE!!!

  2. i love it, and i love you. Especially your picture of you and the face you are making. i laughed! that is life!


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