Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exhausted thoughts from a random mommy...

Exhausted thoughts from a random Mommy.....Random thoughts from an exhausted Mommy!

Today over breakfast I was explaining to my beans that a dear friend would be having her baby today (!) and this is the response from Canaan: "Ouch! That's so painful. Poor thing.  Man, now its a lot of trouble to do all the workouts to lose the weight so you're not fat. I guess kids are a lot of work, huh?"
As I tried to recover from the orange juice that was snorted up my nose, I realized she at least has an accurate picture of the whole ordeal!  (By the way, a healthy baby girl was born and joins her two big sisters!!)

The other day Lena got in trouble for BITING Canaan...on the lip. (Surprise - I had just gotten in the shower when they both came running to me crying) Anyway, after I corrected Lena, she needed to go tell Canaan she was sorry.  So off she plodded - with all the earnestness in her apology of a rock. (We will work on that part later....at least we got the words out. The first time!) Canaan wrapped her arms around Lena and said, "It's okay Lena. We just need to pray for you to be more like Jesus. Like me."  (We will work on her humility also!)

Tonight as I was tucking the girls into bed it was time to "talk to Jesus" and this was Lena's prayer: "Thank you God for Blue. (I'm assuming the color) Thank you for Lauren. (The wonderful woman who watched her today!) Thank you for goldfish. and Taylor. Not Canaan. (Opened one eye to peek at me to see my reaction...quick closed it back shut.) Okay, thank you for Canaan too. Aaaaaa-men."

Canaan, not to be outdone: "Dear Jesus, thank you for my two very good sisters, and the baby in mommy's belly.  Please help them to grow and love you like I do. Especially Lena. Help her attitude to be good tomorrow so she's not a trouble to mommy. (Opened her eyes and looked at me. Saw the raised eyebrows and cocked head. Closed eyes.) Okay, God, help me to have a good attitude too and be loving and kind...even to Lena. Amen."
Apparently I need to oversee their relationship a bit more!

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  1. I am laughing so hard right now!!! I am so touched that Lena prayed for me!! She was such a delight today! It was hilarious... Michelle Martin has started calling me Aurora (she thinks I look like sleeping beauty) and so she was in the nursery calling me that which totally confused Lena. I was helping her go potty and she looked up and at me and says "so what IS your name anyway?" hahahaha!! Can't wait to see you all in the morning!! (and hey - it's 11pm and I'm off to bed! things are improving!!) :P


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