Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cocoa Bean Moment

Our sweet moment happened recently on the way home from church....

Jumping Bean was talking about Bean Bags (I've been requested to make a bunch for them to practice throwing) and everyone was pretty wound up.

Jumping Bean and I made a rice bag together (her first sewing project!) last year and kept it in the freezer. Then, whenever she had a boo boo....she could grab her special "boo boo bag" and magically feel better.

The amazing thing was that it actually worked to stop her crying!

Anyway, back to last night...

String Bean was on the giddy side of silly, and said "You made a boob bag?"

And, since we are ALL very mature...the entire car erupted into raucous laughter. We started to calm down, and then String Bean repeated (clearly confused), "You made a BOOB bag???"

We lost it.
In fact, I barely stopped laughing enough to hand the gate guard my ID card!

Eventually, we were able to explain to String Bean that we were talking about injuries. But not until all 5 of us had laughed until we cried.

Was it a mature moment?

But it was completely sweet.

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