Friday, July 20, 2012

Flight Suit Diaper Bag...

So, my poor Boy Bean has been getting picked on because his diaper bag is too girly.

(I mean, it totally IS girly...but it doubles as my purse! )

I had meant to make him a little messenger bag from handed down camo a LONG Time ago - but somehow never got to it. 

However, I have never been so glad that I am a lazy procrastinator, because if I had made that camo bag....I wouldn't have needed to do what I did this week!

Courtesy of My Love - I had 2 old flight suits in my fabric stash. I had mainly kept them for scraps...there are a lot of zippers-pockets-velcro-hardware on those things!...but last week I was struck with the extremely exciting idea of converting THEM into Boy Bean's diaper bag!

Garnering inspiration (and ballpark measurements and theoretical directions) from Delia, I embarked on my second sewing project of the summer. Hoping against hope to not have an epic fail.  (My first project was a tent I made for Bitty Bean's 3rd birthday - WILD Success!!)

Also courtesy of My Love, the bag became exponentially cooler....and exponentially more difficult. :)  He suggested the use of all his old patches to liven up the all green bag - pure genius!

I'm excited about a bag so full of Daddy hand-me-downs. 
Mainly for sentimental reasons, and partly because every last item was free

Please don't look closely at the stitching. I'm not very good. I'm definitely getting better with all this practice - but that puts me solidly at the "okay" level. 

The finished product! 

The best part is - I had made this bag so Boy Bean would have one manly thing in this house full of pink...but while I was taking pictures...he was off on a hot wheel.


I guess I could worry about him and wonder if he will be able to find his way surrounded by all of us women.

But I'm pretty sure this little man, the one with the crazy hair, and laughing eyes, I think he'll do alright.

Even surrounded by our sea of pink My Little Ponies - he still knows how to roar.

 Copyright 2012


  1. He will cherish that!!! I can just imagine boy bean now, a proud daddy, using the diaper bag you made!!!

  2. This is SO Totally Awesome, Whitney! What a super idea--and one you could patent, except for the many hours I know it took. It takes one sewer to appreciate the other, and I love, love, love this! Thanks so much for posting the pictures.
    I really don't think the pink stuff will corrupt your little boy-ness. His Daddy will see to it. Love you, Jane McKay

  3. Whitney, The bag is wonderful. What a terrific way to repurpose the flight suits. I love that you have a piece of daddy with you, wherever you and the kids go!<3

  4. between sewing and ironing, i probably clock 1 hour PER YEAR! this past week, i sewed a button on josh's favorite shorts and thought i had done a pretty great thing. then i read your post. you're my hero!! and Landon will have a reminder of his hero with him every time you take the bag with you on outings :) well done!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!